Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Technological Failures.

This morning our London office was without internet for a brief period of time and, well, to be honest, it showed us just how much we had become used to systems that rarely (if ever) fail.

The result was that many of us sat in bemusement at the lack of internet and contemplated what we were going to do next.
Lucky for us, this only lasted for about an hour and I was mostly the only one affected as my position requires I be connected to the internet more than my laptop currently is. But it's a real eye opener.

Just what would you do if you had this kind of problem?

What if it was worse- what if you couldn't use any of your techonlogy?

Could you continue to function and be profitable?

Well, the good news is, with Aquima, this is never a problem as Aquima is one of the most stable systems available. Not to mention, one of its key features is that it has a 0% failure rate.
This is partly due to the power of cloud computing.
And partly thanks to our amazing developers.
But in either case, take a minute to ask yourself- can you really afford this kind of failure? And moreso, is your system as secure as Aquima? If you can't answer these questions positively and BPM/CRM is your thing- maybe you should contact us today and talk to us about Aquima.

A system that quite honestly takes care of itself via the power of artificial intelligence where it can think, work and even change itself without any input.
But by the same token isn't prone to the usual "set up and go" systems that are rife with bugs and errors that ultimately make the entire process an exercise in futility.

Again, as his been the trend recently, this is more food for thought than rather straight cut information. And if you really believe Aquima isn't for you- don't feel like we're forcing it on you.
Just that we're looking from a different angle and offering an alternative solution to the most daunting question:

What would you do without your technology?

Thank you for reading as always!
We hope this has proved to be an interesting bit of information infused goodness. As usual, if you have anything to add, well, the comment box is there for a very good reason!

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