Tuesday, 30 November 2010

So Many Clouds!

I'm sure we all remember the days where we used to lay and watch pretty cloud formations and how much fun it was. Well, I never have- but that's neither here nor there- what we're talking about is cloud computing!

Like everything there's good sides and bad sides to this technology.

The good sides we have covered several times before and we can really see the benefits, I'm sure, but it must have a downside...right?
And it does. (But only a few!)
Some technology which uses cloud computing wasn't actually made from that, but adapted, from standard technology, to provide the same features. However, this can be detrimental compared to that which was made from it.
This is because the essence of cloud computing is in the technology, were it not "in the cloud" it would just be another piece of software.

Due to the recent boom of "in the cloud" technology a lot of new developers have begun to adapt older technology to make it similar.
On the other hand, some of the larger corporations like Microsoft are making some of their legacy software do a similar thing. Older tech in the cloud- new tech in the cloud, right?

Developing "in the cloud" is not as easy as it would seem. It's not a case of just making the information available to all, or to be accessed anywhere, a lot of it is to do with security and functionality.
Things built for cloud computing will always have the best security.
Not to mention, these will probably be the most stable choices.
And it will most likely be the easiest to work with.

All of these things are because the technology was made for cloud computing so it doesn't need to strain, or stretch, to put in security and durability- it's already there!

The ease of use comes from the fact that it is built to use the input of cloud computing. It hasn't been built for PC use and changed to fit cloud computing leading to frustration, things that don't work and certain features that are disabled due to incompatibility issues.

So always be sure of what you're buying when it comes to cloud computing and whether or not it was made "in the cloud".
If it was- it's probably the best investment you will make!

Thank you for reading, as always, we hope this has been an interesting insight into cloud computing!

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