Monday, 24 January 2011

Aquima: Full of Energy!

Energy prices are constantly on the rise and with the promise of lowest prices from all energy providers customers are very confused and unsure which companies to trust. The new trend has made it very difficult energy providers to have a loyal customer base and are consistently competing for customers.

Government legislation, giving the customer the right to switch between providers at any given time leaves companies very vulnerable. Most customers are just one bad bill away from seeking another company that would promise a lower price.

All these problems are amplified by the current economic situation, most customers are feeling the pressure and the high level of unemployment is causing mass panic. While most companies are spending millions in advertisement to gain new customers, while very little is done in keeping existing ones.

We here at Aquima have come up with very innovative solutions to all of the above. Our fully automated energy meter gives the customer the ability to change the energy source that they are using instantly and at any given time, for example if a customer wishes to use solar energy in summer and be provided electricity in the winter.

With Aquima's energy meter each customer is treated as an individual, giving each customer the feeling that they are important and that his/her energy provider cares about their individual needs, this should provide a much needed customer loyalty.

Guest post for 24th January 2011.

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