Aquima | Rule Based BPM

Aquima is a powerful business process management (BPM) software suite that combines high-end expectations with easy to use functionality

Designed to be used at all levels of the organisation and to meet several needs within one software package, this provides all of the functionality of a bespoke system (and more) at a fraction of the price. But it’s so user-friendly that there’s absolutely no complex programming or specialists required. Employees and managers alike can create and maintain their own applications and can use their specialist knowledge to be even more productive.

With simple rule-based functionality it is possible to create digital models for just about any situation, or occurrence, how ever frequent or sparse. The suite also features a document creator, with which it is possible to tailor letters, contracts and reports to your specification and produce them instantly and professionally. There is also web-based functionality which allows you to connect with external information systems, applications and services as if were stored locally.
Revolutionary in design and function, the Aquima suite allows you to bridge the gap between business and IT systems effortlessly. In the modern marketplace where technology is the key to competing- this is a software package guaranteed to provide results.

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