Thursday, 2 December 2010

Carkean Solutions: Working with Us.

We have spent some time recently adding different ways you can get in touch with us, recieve information from us and work with us- today we would like to highlight those.

First new feature is our weekly newsletter which compiles hot topics and key issues in many industries. Be it technology, politics or finance- there's five topics and it is easily digested in under ten minutes.
Catch up with the latest news without having to search for hours!
Posted weekly, on Thursday, on Twitter and available to subscribe to for free with extra benefits for all of our subscribers.

The second is our new Contact Us form which allows you to do just that- contact us.
If you're someone who wants to work with us then this is the way you can get in touch with our consultants in one click. No hassle, no fuss and no mess. Just fill in the form and within hours you will be speaking with our experts.
This is exclusive to the Carkean Solutions website and is a really exciting new feature for us. Get clicking now!

The third is related to our newsletter but is something rather unique- free advertising!
As our newsletter is a growing publication and is getting more viewers every week this is a good opportunity to get seen, for free, for six months. If you're interested e-mail us at and we'll talk it over with you.
Get yourself seen and for absolutely nothing- what could be better?

The fourth is our entirely redesigned corporate website that is soon to be updated with even better information!

As you can see, everything is coming together for Carkean Solutions Ltd. this festive season. And, best of all, in the new year we'll have even more features for you.
So be on the lookout for more seminars and updates in January 2011.

Thank you for reading!
We hope to hear from every one of you very soon and to get some great information from our devoted readers.

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