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One Day Cloud Consultancy Offer!

We believe that Cloud Computing is the way forward, and that it holds many of the answers for common business problems. We recognise just how beneficial Cloud Computing can be to businesses, so we have decided to hold a limited time offer on our consultancy services.

Carkean Solutions offers an experienced analysis to tell you whether your business will benefit from Cloud technology, and this analysis will only take one day. Normally, this would take between 3 - 4 days, but we can promise you the same high standard consultancy in just one day, saving you time and money. This great offer will expire on the 31st of July, so take advantage today and contact us to arrange a professional consultancy. Click on document Link to find out more.

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e-Networking: an introduction to networking online
This is, as the name suggests, an introduction into the topic which has taken the corporate world by storm. It will give you a basic overview of many of the elements of e-Networking from why we use it to the design of it.
Also, this is the document (and presentation) we gave at Regent's Business School for the good people of the CMI. It was a very sucessful event at that!

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Aquima: Innovation in Design
Ever wanted to know more about the innovative side of Aquima? What does it do that makes it truly agile? Moreover, how can your organisation really see benefits from it? Well here's a document to answer all of your questions and more!
Originally written for the Digital KTN this is a document full of useful information about what Aquima is and does.

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