Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Aquima: Using the Right Tools.

Aquima BPM systems have been successfully utilised in a variety of industries; today we're talking about Aquima in the retail industry and how the system was used to improve the services provided by a leading DIY outlet in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In an attempt to differentiate the services provided and gain a competitive edge, the DIY outlet introduced a new marketing campaign. The theme of the campaign was "inspiration and advice". Part of this new marketing campaign was a web based service focusing on home designers and decorative individuals. The challenge for the DIY outlet was to provide an online customised odd-job advice.
This turned out to be a very difficult task, as the website had to cater for a large number of people, meet the needs of each individual and still be very user friendly.

After numerous failed attempts, the the management team decided to seek help in the form of Aquima.
Aquima consultants conducted interviews to investigate what information and advice was considered to be important and collected knowledge from the organisation. The knowledge was used to create web-based applications with the aid of Aquima, leading to the realisation of customised advice by means of clever dialogue. This resulted in various odd-job manuals that can be expanded easily and quickly.

The web applications are extremely flexible, user friendly and easy to expand. As well as style-independent. Meaning that the layout is made separately, allowing the application to change automatically when a new design is implemented.
This means new designs are realised quicker without having to take the older designs into account.

There were many benefits to the business including more visitors to the website. The online advice was amongst the top five most viewed pages, which led to an increase of customers visiting the stores and less pressure on staff to provide advice, thereby improving staff motivation and customer service.

Guest post for the 4th January 2011
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