Monday, 29 November 2010

Aquima: Workflow Friendly!

We all know that workflow can be problematic at times. There's so many things to consider and only so many hours in the data, whilst data duplication plagues the very systems we use.

With Aquima- many of these problems are a thing of the past!

The technology behind Aquima, cloud computing, means that you can access all of your information from anywhere at any time. However, it also means that all of your information only needs to be entered once.
And that anyone who has access to the system can use it for their job.
But, at the same time, means that you can restrict certain users from being able to use it if you don't wish them to have access to it.

In this way you're given complete control over your information and who can access it, while also removing the element of data duplication and lowering the possibility of losing information.

Not to mention, thanks to the usability of Aquima it is now possible for every employee at every level to get the information to work for them.

Due to being able to build your own models, whoever you are, even managing directors, with ease you not only have greater control but greater ability to use your information than before.
Each link in the workflow chain can develop its own model to help it overcome those particular problems.
While it will increase speed and productivity as it will all be interconnected.

No need to use several packages to get the job done- we can do it with just the one!

Which is another unique feature of Aquima that other BPM packages lack: everything you need to make it work, all together, in one box- no extra software or plugins required.

Saving you time, money, effort and workload while increase productivity and profitability.

Thank you for reading, as always, about how Aquima can make workflow work for you and improve the existing (albeit throttled) systems!

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