Monday, 18 October 2010

e-Networking: Content Writing

You're in for a bit of a treat today- we're going to be doing another article for someone shortly and here's a short snippet of our section on content writing.

Content Writing
Content is, and always will be, your weapon of choice on social media sites (and any e-Networking sites) as this is how people come to know you. You don’t have to be a brilliant writer, an excellent poet or even have any experience- you just need a passion.
You have to love what you write about, or at least are able to write as if you do, in order to write content that makes people come back to your sites. Below are some tips which may help you there:
  1. Factual is great but what people want is insight. Take news sites for example, why is it that people choose Sky News over BBC News? Or the Financial Times over the Economist? The core of the information is always the same, the facts always exist, but the presentation- that changes. Some people are overly pessimistic, some funny and some are unbiased (in a true sense) and that is what helps them associate with their readers.
  2. Compliments cost nothing, yet you would be led to believe you have to pay in blood for the amount you actually get. It’s not hard to say “Thank you for reading” and it means a lot. Personally, I think some people have the greatest ideas but have the manners of a rusty fork. If I were to judge them on their character, not their content, I wouldn’t read their content much if at all.
  3. Try to be consistent in your approach and stick to what you do best. Writing is hard work when you write about a lot, but even if your topics change your mannerisms don’t have to and that’s reassuring. Think of it like music, why do you listen to your favourite artists? What about their recordings make you inclined to listen?
  4. Impersonal, personal, formal, informal- it’s all good. Too often when we think of writing for other people we think it has to be as formal as a starched shirt. It doesn’t. Of course typing in what is considered “netspeak (how r u?)” is a bad idea, usually, but at the same time typing informally never hurts. Type however it comes naturally to you; so many people struggle to get their message across because they want it to look perfect- it really doesn’t have to.
These are the things that, personally, I have always taken into account while writing these blogs (and any content). It's good to have a consistent, natural and honest feel to your work. Above all else- people trust it a little bit more and are likely to react better than if you are overly formal. They might feel they're not professional enough, or something of the sort, in that case.

And that's all for now!
Thank you for reading, as always, we hope this has been insightful.

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