Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Online Promotion.

Kind of a lighthearted post today, we're looking at a few of the ways that any size business can improve their online promotion. It's more a brief checklist than a comprehensive exploration.

Make constructive connections between your e-Networking resources. If your Twitter is used to deliver Blogger content, then connect those two when viewers visit pages but leave your Facebook to develop its own connections. Doing this shows new users that you’re conscious of their needs and that you are making it easier for them, most of all, to connect with you.

Use adverts and other promotional tools as sparingly as possible. Adding just a few adverts or banners here or there not only helps site load time, but equally doesn’t annoy users no end when they visit. It also shows you’re not a spammer as only spammers will shove adverts down your throat.

Take feedback to heart and really care about your users. This shows everyone from users to people who end up on your page for some reason that you, above all else, want your site to be as functional as possible. And functional = excellent. After, you would never ignore your customers if they said one of your products were faulty- would you?

Invite people to say a few words about you/your service/your site and let them link back to it not only to help generate traffic, but to let fair and honest opinions get out. Most users respect sites/services that can take necessary criticism and shun those who try to make themselves look like the best thing since sliced bread.

Try and build up affiliate services with people who provide complementary products to your service. Amazon.co.uk (and in general) have a great service for this, allowing you to make a small percentage commission but provide utility. If you’re a moving company for instance, you may want to advertise cheap home wares for the transition period from house to house.

And there we have it- a few ways to promote yourself online that you might not (or might) have known. They're all good and most of them are free or not very expensive.
Connecting with others is always a nice idea, however, so that may be useful to use as well.

Thank you for reading, as always, any comments you wish to leave would be much appreciated.

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