Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Aquima: Bridging the Gap

While there is a greater appreciation for technology and computing in general in modern business, they are still like the proverbial cats and water. Many organisations struggle to find computing solutions to their business problems beyond everyday software.

Often this is because of rigid and static software.
Or the feeling that you're paying for something that is too complex for anyone in your organisation to use, not to mention paying for implementation, updates, changes, training and so many costs it may just make you throw the system out of the window.
Had you not just paid for it.
But these are rather old stereotypes that don't really apply as much in the current generation as they did in the previous, as we will explore below.

There are many reasons that organisations/individuals would be technology adverse:
  1. Technology is often expensive (or is thought to be) and the initial benefits are not seen immediately
  2. Some technology is too complex for the everyday user and can possibly stunt productivity.
  3. The expense of training is a looming burden and can cause you to leave technology behind
  4. Often the marketing for technology is not favourable- inadequate products are often sold as wonder solutions
  5. Many older organisations don't see how technology can improve their business
  6. And there's always the concern that employees could simply use the "Oh, I don't know how it works" excuse to get out of using it, sad to say
But there are equally many reasons why it is beneficial to organisations:
  1. Up to date technology is useful now more than ever- most systems are backwards compatible and have in-built protection/back up systems.
  2. The initial outlay may seem high but the continual savings are comparable
  3. "Future proofing" an organisation is always a good idea as at least they won't have to pay even more to implement new systems, if/when they want to
  4. Online technology has revolutionised networking and promotion
  5. And much more! There are too many benefits to name and some will only apply to some organisations so the best way to find out how it works for you, is to let it work for you
This is why the Aquima suite provides such great benefits.
It pretty much removes all of the negative points outlined above but keeps almost all of the positive points, especially "The initial outlay may seem high but the continual savings are comparable."

As Aquima is an all-in-one package there is no need for extra software- saves money.

There's no need for replacements as Aquima is always on the mark- saves money.

Aquima also features a great deal of extras that would not normally be included- saves money.

Overall you can begin to see, if you embrace the idea, that Aquima has so many benefits it might be considered illegal not to use it! And this, more than anything, is because it is such a brilliant collection of software tools in easily digestable formats.

It is software like Aquima which combines raw functionality with incredible usability and could really help you see the benefits of using BPM software. As Aquima is multi-purpose and multi-fuctional you can use it for everything from car insurance applications to mortgage foreclosures to funeral director fees- it truly is a revolution in technology.
You couldn't really ask more from something that costs just a fraction of what other packages of this nature would look to set you back,

Thank you for reading, as always!

If you have anything to share about new technology or BPM software suites- there's a comment box for a reason- feel free to use it and let us know what you think! We'd love to hear from you.

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