Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Aquima: Government Savings

The economy is the most talked about topic over the last two years, elections have been decided based on the state of the economy all over the world.
With the world's leading countries deciding to cut back on public spending in order to cope with the economic crisis, and the growth of debt that each country is facing- we don't have to look far with the new government promising that public cuts of several billion GBP and IT savings would be £95 million.

The proposed cuts to the IT departments can not be realised without major destruction to the services provided which can do more harm than good in the long run. With the help of Aquima software these cuts would be realised with no effect on the services provided. In fact further cuts are possible with improvement on efficiency across all departments. As Aquima uses artificial intelligence only 20% of the IT resources are required.

The problem with the current system is that even within one department many different IT systems are in use meaning that, if there was a change in legislation or regulations required, a lot of IT work is required. Wasting time and money as (for example) a customer would receive different decisions on the same day with different layouts.

Aquima can provide a clear and convenient way of handling documents. Streamlining the creation of documents and giving the flexibility and the speed necessary to respond to large change in legislation and regulations. While providing the platform for quicker responses to customer and eliminating the problem of backlogs and the extra staff required to fix it.

The Dutch Ministry of Education faced a similar problem with a budget of 20bn Euros and 9,000 institutions, where the process distribution has to be highly transparent to avoid criticism. We were able to produce a high-performance document processing and generating system which produces documents in batches and online, alongside a linked system which included an archiving system. Eliminating the need to re-enter the information several times.

The implementation of the Aquima system enabled document adaptation without the need for programming giving the flexibility and speed required for effective management. Documents are produced cheaper and faster through the central registration of knowledge and data.

Aquima enabled the Ministry of Education to have an efficient, flexible and cost effective system in record time with small adaptation. A similar system can be commissioned in the UK that would be more efficient and cost effective than any other system available, and would have a positive impact on all other departments.

Guest post for 22nd December 2010
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