Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Aquima: Agility and Consequence.

You know what every organisation needs more of? People. You know why? They're flexible, they can do a number of things and they are able to learn new skills. These are the reasons why, even in the digital age, we still rely on people to get most things done.

People, software- what the!?
This is partly because most software is not flexible.
Microsoft Office, for instance, is five-six pieces of software in one which do five or six different things.You wouldn't be able to make a very extensive database in Excel and, likewise, you wouldn't be able to make an effective spreadsheet with Access.
The reason all of these were added is because these are basic functions that people need in order to do desktop publishing: graphs (Excel), databases (Access), document templates (Word), e-mail support (Outlook), document creation (Word/Publisher) and so on. Now while this is great because a number of angles are covered, well, it's not very effective.
In an example situation- say you were making a database for customer details in a DVD rental business. However, while you are pretty knowledgable wth computers other people will have to use it to. So you need a manual. But at the same time you need a way to analyse various details and information, preferably sortable, and with a range of fields.

Where do you start?
Well, the database would be made in Access and the manual would be made with Word while the analysis would be done with an exported Excel spreadsheet.
Three software packages for what is, in total, one operation.

Flexibility and more!
Aquima is a complete package which combines a number of these (and other) processes in one software package with complete integration. You could use the Aquima suite to not only set up the initial process, but then to create a report and even a manual.
In this way Aquima saves you money, time and effort.
But at the same time it makes the entire process more transparent and all of your skills can be easily transferred from one section to another. Overall, it makes more sense to put all of your eggs in one basket and do everything at the same time. Not to mention it will cost less over time and repeatedly save you money on maintenance, implementation, re-design, re-distribution and much more.

As recently highlighted in our comparison with the Pegasystems software suite we can actually see how Aquima is all-inclusive. Unlike other BPM software it doesn't need a whole host of extra software to do the tasks you rely on it for.

So what does all this really mean? Well, the human element in IT exists because there will always be a need for flexibility and responsive thinking. But, in the same way, with advances in artificial intelligence and technology it's only a matter of time before you see responsive IT systems.
Aquima may be one of the first to move forward in this new and exciting direction.
And it may be a way to get your organisation on a forward thinking path. Remember when we posted about building technology for tomorrow as well as today? This is why. If you can hit the trends earlier and get on the ground with new technology quickly, you're almost future proof as you only then need worry about the next big thing. And by that we mean the next big change in software. Such as the change from the days of ARIS to the days of Aquima.

That is all for now, thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you!

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