Thursday, 9 December 2010

Aquima: Full of Good Ideas!

Today I'd like to refresh our minds with a newly updated product approach for Aquima. We talk about it a lot, but as we use it more, as we see it working for more clients- we feel we should give you more of an idea.

Truly agile and versatile it can be used for everything from a local shop chain to a multinational global investment bank. This is because it is designed to be used by those that have the necessary information for creating models/applications- not just the technologically savvy employees.
Not to mention it provides unheard of functionality and depth for something that isn’t bespoke and costs as this does.

This is because Aquima is an all-inclusive software package which works straight out of the box- no messy implementation, no hours of loading software in, no hassle and no fuss!

On top of this there are extra modules added to Aquima to further its functionality:

o An in-built document creator which allows you to turn the information in your models or applications into a report, invoice or just about anything.
o A runtime engine to create, deploy and update applications/models in real time and be able to see the changes immediately.
o A deployment system that allows you to test for errors, check functionality, check for bugs and make sure your model and application is perfect before going live.
o In-built web deployment functionality as standard. Allowing you to create effective and professional online applications.
o Best of all- all of these modules are fully customisable!

These reasons (and more) are why Aquima is changing the face of the BPM market permanently and positively- proving that powerful functionality doesn’t always have to be complex, but rather that innovation outshines following the pack.

While there is a greater appreciation for technology and computing in general in modern business, they are still regarded as problematic. Many organisations struggle to find computing solutions to their business problems beyond everyday software.

Often this is because of rigid and static software, or the feeling that you're paying for something that is too complex for anyone in your organisation to use. Not to mention paying for implementation, updates, changes, training and so many costs it may just make you wonder what it’s all worth. But these are rather old stereotypes that don't really apply as much in the current generation as they did in the previous.

There are many reasons why technology is beneficial to organisations:

o Up to date technology is more useful now than ever- most systems are backwards compatible and have in-built protection/backup systems
o The initial outlay may seem high but the continual savings are comparable
o "Future proofing" an organisation is always a good idea as at least they won't have to pay even more to implement new systems, if/when they want to
o Online technology has revolutionised networking and promotion
o And much more! There are too many benefits to name and some will only apply to some organisations- so the best way to find out how it works for you is to let it work for you

This is why Aquima is such a great BPM system for any organisation.
It exemplifies these points and more to create something that analyses the weaknesses of CRM and BPM systems, strengthens them and releases something with more power and versatility than previously thought possible. That allows you to mix the necessary human resources with technological brilliance to create a truly dynamic organisation.

Thank you for reading as always!
We hope this comes a refreshing update for all the things that Aquima could do for you (and your organisation).

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