Thursday, 20 January 2011

Cloud Computing: The Future for the OS?

With the emergence of increasingly growing amounts of mobile devices it is speculated that personal computers may suffer, as many consumers are already making the change to other devices.
However it could be said that there is hope for a system that is accessed and deployed mostly online, with a platform-free and cost-effective approach.

Online operating systems? I don't know...

It is true that this is a hard to grasp idea. It doesn't seem feasible but if you consider the current state of play with most OS packages- it's actually a natural progression.
These days Microsoft Windows OS activation is done with an online process and the details are stored on an online server. Periodically these can be checked/acessed.

While the same is said for the delivery of many types of software with some newer distribution systems.

Time was you had to find a specialist computer vendor to get your software and utilities, time now is that download these straight to your machine.
This covers everything from software, to video games, to movies and more which can now be accessed as easy as logging into a website. There's already a lot of things which are deployed via online platforms which would only grow, and diversify, were the entire system cloud based.

This is all done in an effort to reduce the amount of physical materials and packaging that is required for the distribution of products, and to provide instaneous delivery.

Could it be successful?

iTunes is a good example of what we're talking about here. It revolutionised what you looked for in terms of personal entertainment- music, films, TV episodes, education materials- it was all provided via an online service which could be accessed 24/7.
Which would instantly download content to your machine once you purchased it and would allow you to access it in minutes. It broke barriers with previous systems.

Now imagine this on an operating system level of size and depth.

A system that provided services, utilities, anti-virus protection and much more in a streamlined and entirely platform-free environment. To be connected to the the service and have very little need for local storage.
Save for your local machine software which would still be required.

This could be the new and very exciting future of operating systems and it would break many new barriers, as it has never previously been done on such a scale.

In any case, this is a little bit of food for thought on what a system like cloud computing could provide for us.

We are constantly updating our information on cloud computing and will have more information soon- thank you for reading!

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