Monday, 13 December 2010

Aquima: Advancements in Innovation

Technological innovation has been something of a constantly evolving phenomenon in recent years. Every year technology advances beyond previous thought limits to provide, and nurture, new ideas and previously “impossible” ideas.

Artificial intelligence is one of these revolutionary changes as it has allowed computers and software to think for itself. Not to the levels of functional intelligent machines, sentient beings or some such, but to the level where a system can work out some problems by itself without user input.
This can be likened to many of the newer features of the Windows and Mac OS operating systems which provide many tasks without the user specifying. They “just happen” and the systems take care of the rest.

While this does mean that for many they face a lack of control over some of the finer points of the systems they use- the reassurance and convenience of these systems often more than makes up for it.

This has also paved the way for a lot of the other changes which have occurred in recent years as without artificial intelligence, or that ability, these things would never have been possible.
However, thanks to these advancements there are so many things that are now achievable with mobile and computing technology that was not possible before.

Cloud computing is another aspect of constantly evolving technology and innovation which provides a benefit over traditional systems. Through this, we are no longer limited to one platform or the prospect of having to be without information- our information will follow us.
This could possibly mean that it’s harder to disconnect ourselves from that information but, at the same time, the convenience and usability we gain is definitely worth that.

It also shows advancement in internet technology and security that such a system could be, and is, to some quite successful degree, even possible.

So where does all this lead? Back to Aquima!
As these are things, two very important things, that Aquima incorporates which gives it the revolutionary edge over the competition. Artificial intelligence powers the system while cloud computing gives it the accessibility- together they provide a unique system which requires no extra components.

Thanks to it being platform-independent and useful on so many devices there’s no need to upgrade hardware, buy extras or spend needlessly on new components.

Everything that Aquima can do it does straight out of the box and with exceptional results thanks to technological innovation. And, of course, a need to provide a BPM package that is more technology than marketing.
Something that is universally useful to all organisations.
But without the feeling that you’re getting a half-baked cookie cutter system which tries to force you in a preset profile or system.

Whatever you want- whatever you need- innovation and Aquima can deliver every single time.

Thank you for reading as always! If you have anything you would like to add, any questions or just want to give a quick heads up- feel free to comment.

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