Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Aquima: Cost Saving Strategies!

With the ever more volatile economic situation, more and more businesses feel the need to find innovative ways to cut costs while maintaining, or even increasing, productivity to remain competitive. This fact has lead many businesses to abandon the traditional methods of cost cutting which tend to be less productive and may entail high initial cost to restructure the organisation.

Unlike the traditional methods Aquima software is very easy and cheap to set up and even cheaper to run. The software offers easy solutions to complex problems leaving managers time to concentrate on implementing the solutions, saving time and money. One of the many aspects of the software that differentiates it from any other BPM software is that it offers features that can only be found in bespoke programs at only a fraction of the cost.

The program's friendly user interface gives the organisation a whole new dimension in terms of staff flexibility, where most BPM software requires an IT specialist to use the software, Aquima software can be used by any employee at every level saving money on hiring a specialist. Another advantage is that companies are no longer reliant on one employee, solving the reliability problem that companies face especially during the winter season where many employees fall ill, causing the firm to lose money and miss deadlines, thereby damaging company reputation.

The Aquima software requires very little training, making it the ideal program for any business. Many employees tend to resist change especially when it is of technological nature because of the preconceived ideas that all software requires high levels of expertise to use efficiently. Aquima combats this problem by being user friendly software for anyone whether you have an IT background or not, meaning that employees will be happy and motivated, which in turn leads to higher productivity.

The software's remarkable cloud computing feature enables organisations to employ staff that work from home, saving cost on office space while maintaining real time interaction. This feature is very significant in keeping companies very flexible and agile. For example, a company may choose to employ part time staff or free lance staff to reduce the high costs associated with keeping a high number of staff in a downturn and the ability to cope with the pressure of business upturn.

One of the reasons many well-recognised companies go out of business is due to the fact that they lack innovation and have very rigged procedures limiting the company’s flexibility and the ability to react to change in time. The Aquima software encourages innovation by suggesting innovative solutions which can be tailored to suit company needs which in turn gives the company a competitive edge.

Guest post for 14th December 2010
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