Monday, 22 November 2010

Changing Times.

Change is a constantly evolving element of business. You can't avoid it, try as you might, and it always catches up with you and forces you to go with it. Today, we're going to talk about change and what it really means for you.

Any organisation which has been around in the last 10 years will have felt a rather big change in recent years: the shift to technology.
Technology has always been there but it has never been as prominent or as widespread as it is today, which is why it is such a rippling change for organisation. Starting at one level and slowly working down layer by layer.

This is a change that hasn't so much introduced itself to organisations but has cut to the heart of them. You can't avoid it, even if you don't want/need technology or new systems.

And that is the nature of change in many respects.

New laws have always changed the way organisations do business and these change regularly to suit new government rulings. This is unavoidable change in many respects, as one cannot live outside the law even if they're honest.

So what we can tell from the two situations above is that change happens, quite often, and you have to either change with it or be left behind.
And there's no competitive advantage in being left behind.
So, how can you, as an organisation, face the prospect of change without being left behind? Well, we at Carkean Solutions may be able to help with our range of change management services.

Change management is the time-tested theory of working with change in the face of new and quite daunting territory. We understand you're not always prepared for large corporate change, nor are adequately trained to deal with it.

But equally, we understand the necessity of change. How it happens and can be an incredibly lucrative (if not confusing) process whereby more opportunities may become available.
If you think about it, in the last few years what we're doing (with our social media) has revolutionised promotion. Social media is free, easy to use and has multiple platforms whilst allowing you to get in touch with your clients.
Years ago organisations would have had to pay thousands for a similar service or for contact with that many clients/potential clients.

Change can also help you develop your skills and abilities further as with new opportunities comes new expertise. This provides an attractive incentive for your employees as they can now do more, perhaps work harder, and feel more valued as they are a part of the change.
The expression "It's all technology and I don't understand how that works" should never be used as every employee should be conversant with change. Whichever change.

Which is what change management is all about- empowering your organisation and staff with the abilities, confidence and vision for a bright everchanging future in business.

And hopefully a profitable future, too!

Thanks for reading, as always- feel free to comment if you something to add. Maybe you've got your own story about change you'd like to share?

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