Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Aquima: All Inclusive

One of the key features of Aquima that most other BPM suites lack is a complete software package in that it doesn’t require additional software, plugins, addons or any of that in order to do what it is designed to do.
This is because Aquima is an all-inclusive software package which works straight out of the box- no messy implementation, no hours of loading software in, no hassle and no fuss!

On top of this there are extra modules added to Aquima to further its functionality:
  • An in-built document creator which allows you to turn the information in your models or applications into a report, invoice or just about anything.
  • A runtime engine to create, deploy and update applications/models in real time and be able to see the changes immediately.
  • A deployment suite that allows you to test for errors, check functionality, check for bugs and make sure your model and application is perfect before going live.
  • In-built web deployment functionality as standard. Allowing you to create effective and professional online applications.
  • Best of all- all of these modules are fully customisable!
These reasons (and more) are why Aquima is changing the face of the BPM market permanently and positively- proving that powerful functionality doesn’t always have to be complex, but rather that innovation outshines following the pack.

Ideas such as real time editing and deployment were once pipe dreams but are now very much a reality thanks to Aquima. These (and many other ideas) are not necessarily making BPM suites more powerful, but more accessible and available to a greater number of organisations.
Where once it was the case that you couldn't trust this confusing new software- it is no longer. Now it's so easy to use and transparent there's nothing stopping you from adopting it.

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