Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Aquima: Saving Money on IT.

One of the more attractive qualities of Aquima is that it is so cost effective for all the functionality the package houses, but wait- there's more! Did you know that by using the Aquima Suite as your chosen BPM package you can save yourself even more money? Well, you could!
This is through a series of savings you'll recieve as a result of having this exciting new software package in your hands and surging through your organisation.

Less failure and more success.
With Aquima there will be less project failures once implemented as you can develop and implement in real time to provide fast-responses on your solutions. Thereby, you can avoid long tiresome meetings matching up what the executives thought and what your development team thought.
Aquima also boasts ease of use so highly that you can cut out the need for that specialised developer as well, not to mention the agility inherent in the software, makes it so flexible it can respond as soon as changes in conditions/requirements happen. Which in the end not only saves money but time, resources and a whole lot of hassle!

You also won't have to worry about hiring any middle-men or in-between coders/programmers/distributors as all of these seperate roles can be handled by your staff. Implementation is quick and easy and even distribution is a painless process.

No need for added software!
Aquima is an all-inclusive BPM package and, as such, removes the need for extra software as it doesn't need extra services to provide its functionality. At the same time it drastically removes licencing costs as usually you would be paying for business logic, process management, document tools and dynamic interaction- with Aquima you pay for one- the Aquima Suite!

As a result of the above two points there are also less costs attributed to maintenance. Not only do you not require someone to turn your business logic into process information (as you can do it easily for yourself), you also don't have to worry about several points of specification. Aquima has just one utilising a concept it calls single point specification.

Less software development costs is a given if you look at how little hassle there is in the design process and especially if you look at the multiple version support Aquima has. In this way if you need several versions, for whatever reason, you can easily implement those with Aquima and at the end of the lifecycle there isn't any complex decompiling, either. Aquima will just revert back to the most-recent previous version.

Multiplied benefits.
It can also affect how much consultancy you have to work for and how much you pay for it, as well. Given that when Aquima comes into play it is essentially simplifying four-five tools into one and providing you with an unimaginable amount of transperency.

Less test costs- as in, pretty much none! As you can implement these solutions in real time you aren't forced to run an application for a week to get responses, which costs both time and money. You can view, edit, view, edit and so on until you're happy with the application and then you can make it live.
Which also comes under less adaptation costs as should you need to adapt it you're not going to need to go through all of the processes (and cost) again. It's as easy as using Microsoft Excel.

And to reiterate the points we've been making all through this post- there are next to no training costs as it is so easy to use- which is another cost saved and more money for your organisation to utilise.

(Plus, though it's not really a cost saving point, Aquima also saves a lot of headaches commonly associated to the purchase and implementation of software. But, remember what we said the other day? "Happy workers are productive workers." So make them happy!)

Thank you for reading, as always.

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