Thursday, 5 August 2010

Aquima: Health and Safety (example).

Having an injured co-worker is the absolute last thing you would want to think about as an organisation- but it does happen. How do you know that the department within which it happens will know what to do? What if the employee has a specific medical condition? Or some kind of allergy?

Effective and agile IT solutions.
With Aquima you can put all these fears to rest.

As an organisation of any level your employees will most likely have basic health and safety training, and notices will be available around the offices detailing what to do in an emergency. But what if you could provide an easy to use, low-maintenance, fully-understandable option in an application/model that could detail what to do in any situation?
Say, for instance, an employee collapses and is allergic to aspirin but is also a diabetic.
What would you do in this situation? Would you know the specific health concerns and correct procedures in this instance? With an Aquima-built application/model you can let that help you get to the most helpful conclusion.

Rule-based simplicity.
Due to the rule-based functionality of Aquima it works on a series of questions or rules.
The first process would be whether or not an employee has collapsed- which in this case would be "Yes."
The next would be whether they have any allergies- which would be aspirin- but further than this the actual process could branch out in to what to do with any allergy.
The next would detail any medical conditions they suffer- which would be diabetes- but again this could detail any medical condition or concern.
The final process would be what to do next under the conditions you have requested. This would deliver you the information of what to do under these conditions, who to contact and who best to report this information to and maybe even as far as what to tell emergency services.

Of course, this doesn't replace actual health and safety training- but it does help those who could see an accident/injury respond to it better.

But one of many uses...
This is but one of many examples of how the Aquima software suite could improve the efficiency and reliability of your organisation under any situation.
For further information you can find a direct link to the Aquima website to the right of this post.

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