Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Aquima: The revolutionary BPM software suite.

Aquima is part of a revolutionary wave of powerful business process management (BPM) software suites. It combines high-end functionality with a familiar and easy to use interface and engine. While no prior programming knowledge is required and it is so flexible it can be used to design thousands of processes, decision trees, models or complex decision structures.

What are the main features of Aquima?
Aquima is an entirely rule driven software suite. This is perhaps its greatest feature as through this the applications/models become not only easier to create, but more transparent, there's no complex theory involved- just point and click.
Flexibility is one of the other key features of Aquima, as with this software suite you can create thousands of applications/models and put them to work. There's no limit on the number, the number of versions and no annoying version-limited features whereby you have to spend more money to unlock them. You get all the functionality of a bespoke system (and more) for a fraction of the price.
Unlike other business process management software Aquima also features a document creator. This allows organisations to tailor letters, contracts and reports to their specification and produce them instantly and professionally.

Does Aquima update in real time?
Yes. There's no need to worry if months of research have gone into this new application/model and then an error is discovered, simply reload the application/model and make the necessary changes. From there, just re-compile the application/model and give it a few moments to refresh and all the newly updated information will be available.
Best of all as Aquima can support multiple versions of the same application/model if any changes are made it is easy to revert, change or update other versions as well. Quick, simple and without a whole host of implementation and maintenance costs.

For more information about the software suite, video presentations and much more visit the Aquima website here. You can also find a link to it from our sidebar at any time.

As an introduction this is only the first part of a whole group of posts we have about this exciting new business process management (BPM) software suite. Check back soon!

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