Monday, 11 July 2011

Top 5 BPM Impacts for Future

Here is my list of the Top 5 for the next ten years:

1. BPM will Continue to Deliver Savings:
BPM, with very little investment, can deliver savings. It matters little if you start with modeling or measurement, but the savings are usually there. It seems the more you invest, the more you get with the right guidance and skill sets. Many organizations have been successful with BPM and I expect more of the same.

2. BPM will Appeal to New Audiences:
As leading organizations show the benefits flow from BPM, more organizations are attracted to BPM. With the advent of BPM in the cloud,  the popularity of Visio and/or SharePoint, the popularity of jump start templates on popular/leading BPM providers, open source-like BPM providers and the promotion of BPM by power vendors, BPM is attracting new audiences. Medium to small businesses are starting to kick the tires of BPM. 

3. BPM will Deliver Better Workforce Management
With the advent process intelligence that give visual and descriptive analytics and the inclusion of proven analytics providing advice via prescriptive analytics, one can expect BPM to help leverage and extend our businesses workforce. I expect BPM to reach to knowledge workers and outside the traditional boundaries of companies into value chains.

4. BPM will Deliver High Quality Processes
Because of the visibility and the culture of process improvement  that BPM brings, the expectation that process will be used to improve quality is a realistic expectation. BPM combined with process intelligence can be used to move from best practices of today to the evolving best practices of tomorrow. Because of the dynamic features of many BPM technologies, real time governance and improvement are possible.

5. BPM Will Help With New Business Innovation
Businesses are finding new ways to leverage dynamic and adaptable processes that can shift to meet changing needs and demands while staying profitable. Some organizations are using BPM to assist their public image in the collective and/or with their constituents including customers. I really look forward to watch this emerge going forward.

BPM is about to kick into a new phase this coming decade and I feel privileged to have a front row seat. What are your thoughts now that I have shared mine?

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