Wednesday, 11 May 2011

BPM: The view from all sides

BPM opens the door to the possibility of smaller software portfolios, flexible response to business needs, and easy customization. BPM enables data to flow easily from the organization's various data repositories to its employees and partners while actually strengthening the governance of the data itself as well as that of the processes driven by that data. And, perhaps most importantly, BPM-based processes are indeed invented here, custom-configured for the needs of the business, often without programming.

Sure, BPM has its challenges, and I hope to touch on those in this space. Ultimately, though, BPM holds out the promise of a revolution in the way that technology impacts business, and the way that business, in turn, views technology.

Since 2000, the financial services industry has led the aggressive adoption of BPMS technology. Many leading financial services institutions are consolidating their projects into a more coordinated BPM program. BPM has mostly been embraced in service industries, where human productivity and effectiveness are especially critical to process performance.

In their September 2010 primary research survey on BPM adoption, respondents said they expected the following benefits from BPM:
Continuous Process Improvement [53%]
Transformational [7%]
Incremental Gains [20%]
Substantial Benefits [19%]

The above list of expectations gathered from a Gartner survey should have more credibility. I am sure that you have heard what BPM can do for your company from many vendors. And, you may be hesitant that you will actually receive those benefits. Businesses tend to purchase a BPM solution to improve business performance through broader and better coordination of a specific mission critical process. They are looking for continuous process improvement, transformational gains, incremental gains and substantial benefits.

Their thinking is if I can make my mission critical process more efficient and more effective, then I can expect lower costs, increased revenues, and improved customer relationships. It can differentiate my company from its competitors and It can become a core competency.

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