Tuesday, 26 April 2011

We as BPM Vendors

A recent Gartner BPM survey I read noted that the majority of companies leveraging BPM solutions are using BPM to provide better value back to their own customers.  I found this detail to be extremely interesting and also a reminder of the end goal of all BPM vendors should keep in mind. 
If BPM vendors are not placing the customer’s needs first and foremost, then what real value do BPM solutions provide?  If BPM solutions are not designed to specifically drive the customer’s (buyer’s) business needs, then we as BPM vendors are not conducting good business; we are simply engaging in code development.

I know there are a lot of deterrents between the technologies that BPM vendors provide and the actual real needs of the customer.  For example:
  • BPM Platform versus a customer’s specific need
  • BPM Suites seemingly to never quit growing in terms of features and functions
  • Ease of adoption and use by the customer’s employees who drive the process (A recent BPM notion where some argue that the buyer actually needs to retrain their day-to-day thinking to employ a BPM technology, rather than the other way around)

I remain excited and encouraged about the value BPM provides.  BPM needs to be easy and needs to be better aligned with customer needs, arguably one day BPM could be where Email and Excel are today.

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