Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Beepy-Em in the Finance Industry

Over the past few years financial services firms have been obsessed with Business Process Management (BPM) software and rightly so. As we know banks rely heavily on profitability. Both their own and that of their clients and they find it very difficult to measure and maximise that profit. Another attribute of banks is that they tend to ‘snowball’, quickly getting larger through multiple mergers and acquisitions.
With those points in mind, it’s no wonder they so eager to obtain such software. BPM software is very proficient when it comes to measuring and maximising profit through improving efficiency and customer relations. BPM software can also help when it comes to connecting the various systems gained through the numerous mergers and acquisitions banks often commit.

So we have established that financial services firms do benefit greatly from BPM software, but which vendor do you chose? With so many different companies selling various different products it can be understandably confusing when choosing the right package. A very important tip is to check the focus of both vendor and the product. From the point of a financial services company; applications that have built-in financial intelligence are a must. The company providing the software must also have a clear understanding of what the financial services require from a BPM.

At Carkean solutions we have extensive knowledge of exactly what is required of us when it comes to financial services firms. And our product; Aquima is second to none when in terms of artificial intelligence.

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