Monday, 10 January 2011

Carkean Solutions: Pushing Innovation in Finance

We at Carkean Solutions are passionate about innovation and we're always exploring new ways to provide long-lasting, competitive and exceptional growth to our clients. One way we do this is to provide new technology wherever possible.

For instance, we're working closely with financial organisations to provide systems that are highly transparent and dynamic.
Not only to meet the needs these companies have today but tomorrow, as well.
Transparency in fiancial systems is needed now more than ever. Following the global recession there was an outcry that we see more where our money is going, to who and for what as we were concerned about our money.

But the truth is that many traditional IT systems don't provide this level of transparency.

While it is equally true that many organisations have long lead-on times to sort problems when they occur due to restricted systems.

The last thing we want to imagine is problems with our money.
Identity theft and credit card fraud have become a serious problem as most of our transactions have switched to "new" systems. Whereas, once was the case, signatures were required- all that is now required is a PIN number.
With a card that is none too often checked before being slotted into the reader ready to pay for the purchases.

Which makes this a frightening new truth we have to deal with and one that technological innovation could curb. We are confident that, in the future, in several years time, we could effectively cut down these happenings to a small percentage.
But for now we are looking to cut the possibilities and provide more opportunities to come back, without loss, from these unfortunate situations.

Which is why we feel that technological innovation is the future- as many things are handled by technology these days.

As a management consultancy we get the pleasure to work with many organisations and this takes us to many industries. We see and do a lot. Working with a number of clients and constantly adapting our solutions, and software, to match the new problems which arise from the industry over time.

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