Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Aquima: Solutions for Petroleum.

Petroleum companies are often multinational organisations sharing similar resources; this can include data, staff and even assets. The problem is that many companies do not use the same IT system, thereby data transfer is difficult and time consuming.
There are many reasons for the lack of integration between different branches of an oil company trading in different countries.

Many IT systems are made specifically for a branch operating in a specific country, as most of the software is tailored to their needs and requirements.
Which may not apply to other branches of the company, as most software used relies on heavy coding it is not possible to create a system that would meet the needs of the different branches, making effective and flexible data sharing virtually impossible.

Another problem faced by companies trading in different countries is that data is collected in several languages and would need to be translated before it is useful, which limits the speed of which a company can react to change in the market or government rules and legislation. Thereby having a negative effect on profits and company image.

The Aquima BPM system is equipped with the tools necessary to solve all of the above problems and more. Aquima software is able to run in any language providing the continuity and integration that is required. One of the main advantages of Aquima is that it is platform independent enabling the business to collect data from any source possible.

Aquima's instant translation tool is a feature that is very desirable for all multinational companies, as it allows communication and data transfer between two or more people with no common language to be realised in real time saving the cost of hiring translators and the time it takes for the translation to take place.

The Aquima systems has many more features that are of great benefit to companies operating in the petroleum industry that would be discussed in detail at a later time.

Guest post for 4th January 2011
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