Thursday, 16 December 2010

Aquima: Putting it Plainly...

One common stereotype that comes up a lot when you look at business process management is that it lacks explanation. For this reason (amongst others) it is hard to show organisations how useful it can be.

The general consensus of opinion is that there is little specific industry information.
While there are many case studies and the like about generic topics (such as cashflow) these can be increasingly difficult to relate, or adjust, to another organisation or to their specific problems.

Which makes it hard to define: "These are the key advantages to your organisation..."

Equally when it comes to implementing the system there is a certain mysticism about how it is implemented. Or if it cost-effective or easy to do.
Without any information about how the system handles their specific problems or their implementation process it then becomes more science than marketing, or more marketing than science, which ultimately makes this something of a mystery and the lack of information leads to two situations.

One is that you comb through the internet searching for topics and could or couldn't come up with something worthwhile.
Two is that you start to take a long hard look at the different BPM packages and try to discern which is better, which is for you and which you want to buy (via price comparison).
The latter is a better approach than the former, but the problem is, quite frankly, when it comes down to systems like Aquima you can't see the benefits on paper. While ARIS, for instance, is easy to think that it will be a great package but you overlook the necessity of coding.

So how does Aquima fit into this?

As you can see from this blog- we have so much information on offer about this exciting BPM package and, were you to contact us, we have case studies and demonstrations (including webinars) that help dispel the mystery.
This is because we believe the best policy is an informative one.
And we feel that Aquima has so much use it's almost criminal not to tell people about how it works and what it could help you with in your organisation.

But we also appreciate that you're a business user and your interests lie not in riddles and jargon- but in the results.
So we try our best to say "These are the things that can help your organisation" alongside "And these are things that have helped organisations like yours" using case studies and information packs.

Just another reason that Aquima bridges the gap between business and IT!

Thank you for reading as always!
We hope this has explained how Aquima can provide another unique feature amongst the sea of BPM packages.

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