Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Aquima: New Development Methodologies

In previous development methodologies there was a very clear focus on rigid development processes. Clearly outlined and structured to be carried out sequentially- this was the standard for a while.

However, many had begun to question whether such ideas still worked.

This led to a series of new development methodologies which were more flexible and lacked the standardised approach, but still, they were pretty rigid. Of course, some still use this traditional methodology but many realised projects could not be blanketed together.
Each project needed to have a different goal or focus in order to be successful.
And so many of the developers, during the coming years, set about to create dynamic methodologies where development could still reach the desired goal but in a tailored fashion.

Aquima leads the way in this fashion for your organisation.
Long gone are the days where software development is ruled by complex coding processes and extremely long implementation times. With Aquima you can set the standards for your models- you can create the systems that will support your organisation.

But how is this possible?

Isn't Aquima a package in itself?

Aquima is a software package much like many other BPM packages but with one key difference- dynamic flexibility.
This is our design methodology. To create with the information you use, for you, in your way and to your specification. Through this we can destroy the old stereotypes of "long implementation time" and "rigid project structure" as you, the business user, or the IT user, can define how it works for you.

Also because of a few key features on Aquima's side (incredibly high success rate, real time updating, lack of re-implementation costs etc.) you can get even more from this, and the design methodology, to propel your organisation into a brighter technological tomorrow.

So think about your current design methodologies. Do they work? Can they be improved? What do you require from them?

Thank you for reading, as always, and we hope that you have found this to be informative. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions feel free to comment!

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