Wednesday, 27 October 2010

e-Networking: Less is More

There's so many sites out there- too many to count- so where do you start? The fundamental point is to research as much as you can and try to ascertain what could work and what won’t work. You should always focus your efforts on a handful of sites over the masses and try to make a good few over an average dozen.

As we started to explain above, less is a whole lot more when it comes to e-Networking.
I’m sure we’ve all had those moments where we deliberate on buying something, opt for the cheaper, opt for the cheaper and then decide to buy the expensive- all in all costing as much as twice the amount of the expensive option.

With e-Networking while you are aiming to get a lot of valued contacts do not lose sight of the things that matter. Site maintenance, for instance, do you have enough time to effectively manage your sites if something goes awry?
Equally, have you set aside enough time for them all?
The common feeling you get from many e-Networking attempts is that they’re devoid of feeling and the human touch. Often it’s more than likely that the site is not even updated, as such, but everything is scheduled and is posted when it says it should be. So don’t do this as this often shows that the owners don’t actually care about their visitors.

One of the other important points of being on these sites is that they’re social so try not to take that out of the question; otherwise you might as well have a standard website.

At the same time it’s easier to keep track of what you’re doing with your sites if you only have a few to keep updated. Too many and you might end up spamming by accident as you don’t realise this has been posted, or copied in, and thereby you’ll lose visitors for a simple mistake.
But, best of all, if you have a few well made sites that really target the users effectively and have a lot of information- you look very professional and serious about it. Visitors will recognise your devotion and actually care, as there are so many sites (it’s impossible to even count them) that are nothing but spam-filled-link-fests.

Finally, most of what happens with e-Networking is built up through trust.
It’s hard to actually see how it works from the outset as you need to actually communicate, build up a rapport and interact with clients. Much easier to find and retain contacts if you’re only trying to keep a few hundred over a few thousand, worse still- on sites you don’t even visit regularly! Anything you can do to make your sites more accessible to your visitors (or yourself) is a good idea.

Thank you for reading, as always, and happy networking!

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