Wednesday, 29 September 2010

IT: Reflection and Understanding.

One of the things we learned from the PRINCE2 posts was that while good projects are always great ideas- sometimes you can really lose touch once near the finish line. IT is no different, in many respects, as you may find yourself with a fully working and comprehensive just becomes quickly outdated.

Reflection and how to see the future
There's no crystal balls involved and there's no prophet- it's a case of using your eyes and (more importantly) using your IT system. One of the things that Aquima boasts so highly is that it adapts to change well. And why is this? Well, because change happens!
It happens all the time.
Even now, while I'm typing this, new blogging technology and new ways to share information are being developed and the only way I can take advantage of this is to reflect. Reflect on what I'm doing, what I need to be able to do and how best I can achieve that.

IT systems are almost exactly the same. The system works for you now- but what about in a year? In six months? Where does it need to be? And best of all- how does it get there?

Well that's great and all- but what about cost?
Sure, I won't lie- there is a cost involved with bringing a new system to the table every time you find the need to reflect and improve, but that's why you don't. You reflect over time, pick points over time and eventually after a pre-determined timespan (six-twelve months is a good one) you implement a new system.
That, yes, costs and will continue to- but it's going to save you more than you would spend.

Let me put this in context with a real life example.
My friend used to work at a firm that was the most up to date and IT saavy firm there was- 20 years ago. At current they couldn't even upgrade past Windows 98 as they had opted not to pay that "big cost" and instead keep with old working technology. Good idea, in some respects.
Bad idea that now the new technology is far cheaper...they just can't use it as the software they use is specialist and to do so, well, they would have to redo several years of work.
It just wouldn't work.
Which is why it's better to take one for the team sooner rather than later. Don't let personal fears or apprehensions or the niggling aspect of cost bog you down.

Technology is a young person's game.
Touche, you do actually have a very good point there. I don't see many CEOs being 20-something wet behind the ears graduates who are up to date with new tech, which is why sometimes getting the point across takes a bit more than just bottom line calculations.
You see, in general, technology can't be priced.
The costs of hardware, software and associated services (ISPs etc.) can- but the actual benefit is immeasurable. Imagine how many times you've received an e-mail, answered a VOIP call, read an online article, posted something somewhere, been able to contact people in real time and more. These are the benefits of IT. These are the things that it does for you.

It's hard to understand when you're not too strong on the information and the technology available.
I know the feeling- before this year I hadn't touched Facebook all through college and university and even whilst still at school. Never. But now it's part of my job. It's something that I get paid to use on a daily basis- so this is as much a learning experience for me as it is for you.

I suppose, really, in my long-winded well written roundabout kind of way what I'm trying to say is- keep an eye on your technology and change when necessary. It really is worth more than I can even hope to put into words!

Thank you for reading, all!

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