Monday, 16 August 2010

Aquima: Seamless integration and presentation.

Software (in general) is incredibly useful and can provide us with beneficial quirks in our daily lives, but sometimes negotiating with software can be a bit of a hassle. Setting up this template for Microsoft Word is a long task in trying to get it to look just the way you want, to merge the information you want, to display the headers and graphics you want- but what happens when you want to change it? The situation starts all over again and often any of your previous documents, papers or notices will need to be reuploaded/updated and reproduced with the new design.

Reuse, redesign and refresh.
This is not the case with Aquima.
If you're running an Aquima application/model and you realise there's a service or a condition you didn't take into account initially, then simply open the Aquima Suite and add the missing information. Then save, compile and run the application/model and your changes will be there straight away.
This can be especially beneficial for growing organisations whose needs will change over time.

So, (for instance) if you're a small company and you have an online ordering service, then initially your documentation will be quite small and only take into account a certain number of questions/requirements. Then, in six months time, you expand and start to want more information and require more details for your new ordering service. There's no horribly long compiling time, no complex programming or the sinking feeling that you'll need to ship your working model off to another organisation for a few weeks.

Versions and compatibility.
The Aquima Suite also supports a number of different versions of the same model.
Let's say that your base model is 1.0, but you're having a summer sale in a few weeks and for that period of time everything is 20% off. Instead of rewriting all of your information, you can simply add version 1.1 which incorporates a 20% discount. That, after the sale, will automatically revert back to 1.0 again.
Then if in several months time you realise your application/model is out of date, you can easily use the information from 1.0 to make your new 2.0 application/model for 2011.

Most organisations these days are quite flexible and will have changing needs. Not only for their own products and services, but new legislation and legal requirements.
Aquima is a software suite that can match that flexibility with surprising results.
You may think it's not possible for one software to do so much and to be so incredibly flexible- but that's why Aquima bridges the business to IT gap. It's all about flexibility and providing appropriate and effective IT solutions when your organisation needs them most. Equally, to match the ever-changing needs of modern organisations.

So easy- the coffee machine could do it!
Well, not really- but just about anyone use Aquima.
With Aquima you can really let your organisation flourish as you won't be paying high programming and technical costs, yet you will get the most out of your application/model. This is because those who are best to do the job of programming these important business aspects are those already working for you. While bespoke programming organisations offer a similar solution- this is a solution where those who are at the heart of your organisation are making the models to make you more productive.
And, really, who better to design these than employees who have all the information?

Thank you for your time!

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