Monday, 23 May 2011

An Offer You Can’t Refuse!

Not sure about benefits of the cloud? Worried about missing out something by not adopting cloud? Looking for a safe methodology to adopt cloud? The one which you can stop anytime you want and yet benefit from the work done so far?

Well look no Further; we have an amazing One Day offer for you, using our unique consultancy experience to study your enterprise from cloud perspective, with a customised comprehensive report on new practices and how best you can realise them. 

This report will normally take 3-5 days to do, but we are using special methodology to capture the needs quickly to be able to provide you efficient service to see how much you can save in cloud. We will Offer you non-pushy objective advice based on a study of your enterprise on how best to utilise the cloud to beat your competition.

Our Consultants have extremely good understanding of cloud because of his experience in Technology Strategy Board, he is the best qualified person to analyse cloud services and probably the most experienced. His unique approach will shrink study time from 3-4 days to 1-2 days saving you 33%-80% of consultancy costs.

So what are you waiting for? The Offer is Valid until 31/07/11 and you can schedule our services up to 30/09/11

To take advantage of this great offer,  Please don’t hesiatate to visitr our website, contact us on +44(0)20-3239-2338 or e-mail us on

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