Monday, 9 May 2011

Google BPM: Noodle!

Google has finally arrived into the Enterprise space with their Enterprise BPM offering called Noodle (named after process spaghetti!). Here’s look at what they Google Offers: All information presented here is © copyright Carkean Solutions Ltd., 2010 - Not to be used without our permission - The views expressed here are the views of an individual not the corporation

Process discovery: With Google’s powerful presence in the email & productivity space, combined with the strong tagging and pattern recognition technology, there’s finally a way to auto discover the spaghetti of processes. It uses the groups and aliases given to all the people and tracks down the frequently used labels and combines with who connected with whom most often, to come up with this. There’s also a way to search and filter the communications to trim off the garbage from this spaghetti.

Collaborative Modeling: With a cool collaborative technology using the behind the scene syncing technology around Google docs, and a simple drag & drop and tagging interface, you have a collaborative process modeling environment. There’s obviously no match for process workshop, but there’s so much that happens after that brings you back to the real world reality. And ability to remotely collaborate over process model is something that is indeed a blessing.

On the Cloud: Google is on the cloud, your process models will be on the cloud, your processes would execute from the cloud.

BPM and ACM, meet each other: A process model designed and deployed through the modeler, process executes through emails, messaging, and the engine that keeps track of a fixed and variable parts of the process. Similar to what happens to a Google Doc in a shared mode – while you’re viewing a doc on the cloud it remains the same copy for all. The moment you edit it and make it private for you, it creates a separate process instance so to say – in process world still visible for monitoring and process participation to others. What’s more, you can define which roles can actually edit and make the process better.

On Mobile: With the Android Apps and by pre-building an interface that every Android phone understands natively with Google App Engine, your processes can execute seamlessly from any handset that is powered by Android.

Social, what social? When you do the collaborative modeling & execution and enable people to participate and subscribe in processes, and you have Android interfaces for capturing the relevant tags and kicking off the process instances, then you have cool stuff of liking, favoriting and sharing the process templates.

And there’s a bunch more with Google’s marketplace and App Engine based approach that offers the potential to keep expanding the capability without having to fight around whether it is BPM or ACM or Social or mobile or even on cloud or not.

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