Wednesday, 4 May 2011

BPM in Vertical Markets

BPM is already used in a variety of markets, from financial services and government to healthcare and manufacturing. In fact, vendors have different forms and workflows for each industry that companies can use as the basis for their BPM solution and that they can customize to their specific needs or structure in order to optimize their processes.

This customization is, in fact, fairly simple as BPM solutions are designed in such a way that business analysts are capable of doing most of the process development, thereby limiting the need for programming skills. BPM solutions enable analysts to design work flows, process flows, forms, and maps using the process designer.

Despite this, many organizations have focused on implementing vertical solutions, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM).
BPM, in contrast, spans the entire enterprise. Nonetheless, despite BPM's seemingly horizontal applicability across industries and enterprises, many organizations might benefit from industry-specific, or vertical, BPM solutions.

The core components of BPM are the process designer, the actual process engine, and the interface component. The process designer component is where the process developers or business analysts design business processes. The process engine component is used to authenticate and authorize users. In order to do so, it either stores the information in its own database or is able to connect to external applications or directories where user information is being stored. Finally, the interface component enables users to access the BPM solution through a variety of applications and interfaces, such as browsers, portals, e-mail, etc.

BPM Vendors allow companies to design processes within their solution in order to manage their resources in a structured manner. Through the BPM solutions that they offer, organizations achieve compliance, reduce risks, keep or acquire new customers, and link different vertical applications together to become more efficient.

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