Monday, 18 April 2011

Artificial Intelligence is Tomorrow's Business Intelligence

Although BPM strives to automate the mechanical processes of a business, the future is in developing BPMs that move into the territory of human judgment. Some of the processes involved in a business environment are not included in the automation because some sort of human decision is needed. With the growing complexity of information systems - especially into decision support systems and artificial intelligence - some human decision-making processes can actually be automated. This is the future goal of BPM, to further automate previously un-automatable processes.

Making computers think more like people. In the workplace, software already predicts customer behaviour and machine failures on the factory floor. These capabilities will continue to evolve. AI’s strength is that it can uncover patterns and spot problems amid a mountain of data. That might translate into detecting future trends.
AI would help businesses because they revolutionise how you can interpret data and turn it into useful information. Thereby it allows the user to set their own parameters, their own needs and their own expectations to which the system is then able to work out the solution. Rather than simply sorting the information or recompiling it.

At Carkean solutions our product; Aquima is second to none when it comes to artificial intelligence. Aquima facilitates agile application development, which in turn allows systems to be quickly modified and adapted to changing market conditions.

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