Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Aquima: Providing Financial Solutions

Financial regulation has been a rather active talking point in recent months since the global recession; this can prove to be a problem with traditional IT systems. Where changes are often expensive and time consuming. And where you could be waiting several weeks to see the changes put in place across all of your systems.

Aquima is different in that you can update your systems in real time and it costs nothing but a small amount of time to do so. There are no extensive lead-on implementation times and changes can be made the same day if you wish. Equally, if you wish to implement them at a later date you can set them up and let Aquima do that for you automatically.

This even applies to documentation and forms as through Aquima’s document creator you are able to access, edit and update these important papers as easily as you can the system.

As you know, combating fraud and identity theft is a time-sensitive matter and requires accuracy to quickly isolate and solve the problem. Aquima provides a dynamic solution that responds as quickly as you do, while providing an unbelievable level of accuracy which helps track problems as they occur.

No longer will you have to sift through layers of data to find what is required for this incident- you can easily comb the entire system in minutes tracking down the possible causes and stop them before they develop further. Which is critical as it allows you to update, reassure and respond to customers in real time and provide answers where needed.

Aquima is not an ‘off the shelf’ solution but a bespoke system which can be tailored to your needs and can be developed to combat the problems you encounter most frequently.

In recent years more systems have become more computerized than ever before, this often leads to the question of security and how well a system protects information. There is also a growing concern of when information can be accessed and from where. These are all things that Aquima takes into account, and delivers on, while storing your confidential information.

Cloud computing allows you to access your information quickly and easily when and where you need it without it being at risk. Our high level of protection and encryption ensure only those who need it, can use it or you allow to use it can access it. Allowing you to continue your day to day operations knowing your information is just a click away.

Incidents with finance usually require a great deal of human input as the situations tend to be unique, while requiring expertise and knowledge from all levels. It is easily possible to make models which many employees can access or limit the access to the select few- allowing Aquima to tackle cases of any size. As, like you know, these cases often start small before escalating rapidly.

Also, were we to look at the worst case scenario, such as several incidents at once, we can once again be reassured that Aquima can handle these as it can support hundreds of models/cases at once. These allow you to have a new-found confidence in the face of what would be, and still is, a very large problem and something that traditional IT systems would not be able to handle.

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