Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Aquima: Innovation through Similarity.

New software can sometimes be difficult to learn how to use. New interfaces, features, layouts, buttons and functionality- and that doesn't even cover the things you don't know how to use. With Aquima this is not something you need to worry about.

The basic approach.
As we've mentioned before "if you can handle Excel, Powerpoint and Visio you can create an application."
This is because one of Aquima's more innovative ideas was to introduce an incredibly flexible runtime engine with a familiar look and feel. So that, whatever the level of the user, it's very user-friendly and due to not having a coded approach- just about anyone can use it.

In fact, most of the building blocks of your applications/models is done with a system that is none-too-disimilar to Microsoft Access.

Easy to use and delivers amazingly.
Throughout this groundbreaking software you will find easy to use elements that deliver in a high-end way to get you the results you want, anywhere, any time and at a cost that you wouldn't believe.
This is how Aquima manages to bridge business and IT so successfully. It delivers to your expectations but has cut out the need for complicated, long-winded and confusing interfaces. Instead, providing something that you can edit quickly, easily, in real time and with instant results.
Developing a model/application has never been easier- and with Aquima- it's never been more cost-effective and so easy to implement, either!

Implement more effective design.
This is also incredibly effective from a design standpoint. Whenever you design any product there is always the looming question of whether or not it's fit for purpose, usable or if the user understands what it does/how it does it. Aquima, once again, delivers on all three of these points as not only is it fit for purpose but it is incredibly easy to use.

Just another reason why Aquima is the revolutionary new BPM software suite.

Thank you for reading and check back soon for more Aquima news!

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